Virgil Barton

From Circle Of The Crone

Player David Phillips

Current Name: Virgil Barton

Clan Ventrue, line of Lysander, childe of Colin Lancing 'Faithless' Virgil is known to voice support for his clan. (Ventrue status 1)

Descripition: mid 30's. brown and silver hair, amber eyes, stocky, glasses, 5'5" 220#.

Location: Travels through Pennsylvannia mostly, and has been known to stop by Ohio and New Jersey.

At one time Virgil was known for aquiring exotic animals for pets and sacrifices, as well as the odd antique for the circle.

Faction/Philosophy Virgil grew up in a nice matriarchal pagan household. He grew up and found a new goddess. Virgil hopes to combine Artist and challenger roles with what he feels is compassion, but he's still learning.

Rumors: Virgil is cursed. The only time he can be adknoweldged is when there is a praxis challenge.

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